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Mytar Mant
Mytar Mant
Facebook Ad Campaign
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We are super happy with the Facebook campaign that they deployed for us. We are thrilled with the results. Great job.
David Jonaty
David Jonaty
Marketing Campaign
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Thanks for the excellent marketing campaign. You guys designed the perfect campaign for us and it worked. Well done. Thanks again
Jon Broad
Jon Broad
Best SEO Company
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Best SEO company around. They increased our organic ranking within 3 months in a very competitive industry and now we are getting more calls and more business from it. Thanks again.
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson
Lead Generation Service
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Awesome lead generation services. They brought in more leads in one month then we received from others in a year.
Noah Gagne
Noah Gagne
Website Design
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We love our new website. From the creative strategy to design to the build-out they were excellent to deal with every step of the way.
Jonathan Rams
Jonathan Rams
YouTube Campaign
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We ran a YouTube campaign and the results were just excellent. We brought more traffic to our website and increased our sales by 150% over previous year. Great results. Thank you.
Marketing Strategy
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Very happy with the marketing strategy they developed for our business. Using Facebook and Google we generated the revenues and exceeded our goals. Will definitely use their service in the future.
Missak E
Missak E
Website Design & Marketing
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Your team has worked tirelessly on our project. Paul has made us very happy with the end result and we will be coming back. Your fresh ideas and deep insight of the marketing tools used has impressed us. We have received many compliments on the site and its functionality is superb. Great job done!
Serena Y
Serena Y
SEO North Bay
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Wow, Paul takes SEO to a whole other level. Extremely knowledgeable, and professional, Paul walked me through everything step by step. My company was struggling and I reached out for some help hoping to get more traffic through my website. His services exceeded what I thought was possible! My whole business has turned around the business just keeps coming! I absolutely recommend Paul Meyers Consulting!

North Bay SEO

Paul Meyers Consulting helps companies in the North Bay region increase their online presence by specializing in local SEO and internet marketing. These businesses recognize that their customers look for products and services on the internet, especially on the first page of search results. Your competitors will take all of those customers if your company’s website does not show there. Our goal is to get your website to the top of Google’s first page.

We can increase the number of visitors to your website and guarantee that prospects find your business while searching for your product or service. It’s a waste of money to pay Google an endless amount in PPC charges in order to be on the first page of search results. When your website is properly optimized, it will not only appear on the first page of all major search engine results, but it will also convert a higher percentage of visitors into paying customers.

Our objective as your local North Bay SEO business is to achieve a larger return on investment by optimizing your website and ranking at the top of the search engines than any other marketing approach. Whether your company is based in Ontario or around the world, we are devoted to providing you with the finest service, consultancy, and implementation possible.

So, how are we going to do it? Because of our experience and skills, we understand the current landscape of online advertising inside and out. We understand how to entice the customers and clients you need to contact you in order for your business to thrive.

Search engine optimization is an ever-evolving and dynamic discipline. What was effective a year ago is unlikely to be effective now. In fact, trying to perform the same thing you did a year ago to properly optimize your website for the major search engines today would almost surely result in you getting penalized and putting you in a worse position than when you started.

As one of the finest SEO firms in North Bay, Ontario, it is our responsibility to keep up with the latest trends and advances. We are always researching, testing, and implementing solutions for our clients. We can’t forecast the future, therefore we can’t tell you how things will be in a year, but we do know what works today, and we can use that knowledge to help your site stand out from the crowd.

Finally, our aim for your business is to get your website to the top of the search results today and keep it there for the remainder of your time in operation. Choosing us for your search engine optimization is an investment in your business that will pay off financially in the long run.

It’s Important to Have Local Experience

When it comes to search engine optimization, keywords reign supreme. You may do everything else perfectly, but if your keywords aren’t properly optimized, your online lead generating efforts will fail miserably. You can use a tool like SemRush to help with keyword research, keyword difficulty and more. 

We’ve been in the business long enough to get used to employing keywords. When you inform us about your business, we’ll be able to come up with the best set of working keywords for your website. Working with Paul Meyers Consulting and our team of experts for internet marketing means analyzing your website to guarantee that it is properly optimized and, most importantly, that visitors are converted into consumers. We also know the optimal keyword density: too few keywords will be disregarded by search engines, while too many will result in an over-optimization penalty.

All of Google’s algorithm modifications in the previous 15 years have been tried and tested by our team. You can rely on us to make the necessary modifications. We’re not only SEO experts; we’re also students of the field. From your statistics to your rankings, we’re always learning by delving deep into the data. We know how to improve your website’s on-page SEO, as well as how to gain backlinks to your site.

When it comes to North Bay SEO, Paul Meyers Consulting is your local business and has the best of the best. The goal of our SEO services is to get your website to the top of Google’s search results while also generating highly quality traffic. We want people who are seeking for your products and services to be able to simply locate your website and make a purchase from you. You risk losing these potential customers to your competition if you don’t apply SEO on your website.

We provide SEO services in North Bay to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Whatever the size of your website, we can assist you in implementing SEO. As your potential customers are browsing Google, don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the power of SEO on your website. Our SEO techniques & know-how has benefitted websites of all sizes. Contact us right away and we’ll show you what we can do for your website.

Contact the best SEO company in North Bay, Ontario

We are LOCAL to North Bay and it’s our turf. We know it like you know the back of your hand.

To reach new customers in their area, we specialize in local internet marketing for small and medium-sized companies. Many local businesses, such as dentists, electricians, and real estate agents, confront the problem of acquiring new customers who reside in or near their natural service regions. – Your firm may benefit from our help if your target customers are within a reasonable distance of your business but are instead finding your competitors before you.

Marketing Agency for Search Engine Optimization

Things are done differently depending on how much national exposure you need. We both have experience in Toronto internet marketing and national e-commerce sites. Local SEO is especially important for North Bay small businesses looking to expand their client base. In order to make sales all across the country or online, your product must have a broad appeal.

If you choose to work with Paul Meyers Consulting as your digital marketing partner, they are a skilled internet marketing and consultancy. Consumers are essential to the success of any business; we know how to bring in new ones for your clinic, service business, or e-commerce site, no matter where you’re trying to reach.

Choosing Paul Meyers Consulting for your search engine optimization (SEO) services is an investment in your company’s success. Your website may generate more revenue for you than you’ve ever seen before thanks to our local lead generating know-how and experience. It doesn’t matter whether your company is based in a little town or a sprawling city; we can help you take your business to the next level with our custom tailored internet marketing programs.

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Get on Google’s 1st Page

North Bay SEO works with clients to leverage the benefits and help stand out among your competitors. We make the most for your business ranking. We offer highly professional SEO services to achieve this goal. Our SEO specialists will optimize accordingly to raise your ranking..

North Bay SEO & Keyword Rankings
Top SEO Rankings in North Bay, Ontario Canada

Top Rankings

North Bay SEO uses white hat strategies to ensure all terms of service are followed on all digital platforms. We use backlinking, content and posting strategies that help bring more eyeballs and attention to your business.

Keyword Rank Reporting

We perform extensive keyword research and find out the best ones that symbolize your business and match with what the customers are using on their daily web searches. Stay in-the-know with all the industry-specific keywords that are being tracked on your campaign.
Keyword Ranking Reporting by Paul Meyers Consulting in Canada
Top SEO Rankings in North Bay, Ontario Canada

Imperative KPIs

Set your goals and objectives to gear toward snowballing the value of your company. While tracking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), your company will be able to make adjustments to various strategies and budgets.

What Customers Say

Fast, effective, efficient and amazing service! From a vision to action, right on point to what I desired and envisioned… the best at what they do, the Corporate feel and look. The staff is amazing, extremely attentive, detail oriented and patient. They designed our new website and we absolutely LOVE it! One happy client!
These guys really know their business, from cutting-edge technical side to outstanding design, their work is far superior to any other website and marketing company I’ve used. Their customer service is un-paralleled – they are there for their clients throughout the entire process to make sure projects are done right!

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