Caroline Parnell Barry from Northern Art Market

Caroline Parnell Barry from Northern Art Market

In this video, Paul Meyers of Clark Communications in North Bay interviews Caroline Parnell Barry from Northern Art Market.

With the recent “shelter in place” policy due to COVID-19, business owners across the country are affected in ways they have never prepared for. We are interviewing local Northern Ontario area business owners/entrepreneurs and organizations, giving them the opportunity to share how they are adapting their business model(s) and strategies to meet the current constraints that their businesses must operate within. is an online marketplace for artisans and craftspeople who have strong roots in the north, whose heart and soul are northern, and whose inspiration comes from the unique geography, lifestyle, and values of northern life.

☕️ Grab a coffee or your favorite beverage and take a listen.

Some of the current vendors are:

✅ The Turning Point Woodworking & Photography
✅ Rose and Raven Co
✅ The Grumpy Toad
✅ Coeur du Nord
✅ Aurora Light Sculptures
✅ Cards & Things
and many more.

You can easily become a vendor by visiting:

Thank you, Caroline, for taking the time to speak with me today.

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